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Untitled (65,54), 2018

Collaborative Group, inVerse-Body 


Duration: variable 


A woven fabric lay on top of the plinth. The woven fabric (made of old bed sheets and the performers’ hair) was created during a private ritual of back-strap-weaving. During the ritual the woven fabric was made with both ends attached to the performers. The performance begins when the performers stand on each end of the plinth (number: 65,0,0,54) attaching the fabric to their waist, linking them together. The performers lean away from each other to create a tension in the fabric by slowly balancing their body weight, moving their feet towards the centre. The numbers fluctuate on the plinth. Once their feet join the number on the plinth stops(0,115,115,0). The performers are kept balancing as a trembling and heavily breathing sculpture. Each slightest movement and vibrations transmits through the fabric onto the another person. Presenting a painfully eroticised ‘sculpture’ creates a reciprocal power dynamic between the audience and performer. The balance breaks, the performance ends. 

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