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collaborative group 

inVerse-body (established in 2018) was created by two female artists Katrina Leigh M. Raimann and Koko Li, both graduated BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London (2019). inVerse-body predominantly works with performance. Focusing on key themes which surround the paradoxic complexity of: the politics of feelings, love and pain. Rather than being corny or prescriptive the artists aim to preform an uncanny most honest truthful form. Subtly is most important in inVerse-body's performances, the artists use simple gestures and non-verbal body communication to an extreme metaphorical realm. Pushing the limits of their bodies and minds pulls the tension in-and-out between the performers and the audiences. Presenting a particularised body images of two coloured queer female bodies, the performance goes beyond particular emotions of the individuals and raises a community resonance of emotional catharsis and reflect on the interchanging level gaze, objectification and identity politics. 

Koko Li 


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