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Katrina Leigh Mendoza Raimann is a Filipino interdisciplinary artist based out of Hong Kong and graduated BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. Working across textiles, installation, and performance, she tells stories of intimacy, relationships, and the body. 


Her art practice focuses on the histories of material and action, gender and labor. Derived through the exploration of memories, feelings, and lived experiences she depicts images of intangible spaces and landscapes. Her work delves into the uncertainty of the in-between: the shifting of emotions that spatial (physical) distance and temporal distance creates; where a place stops being just a place but a site of memory or inaccessible future. The boundaries between the physical and intangible are also explored in the creation process. A sensation of movement that is sometimes calm and sometimes erratic is held still through the carefully intertwined and knotted threads. 




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