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Untitled (weaving performance), 2018

Performance weaving clear nylon.

Performance duration: 60 minutes

Woven piece dimensions: 1.5 x 1 m 

Leading with the hands, this performance transforms into a kind of traditional Southeast Asian dance. Through rhythm, excessive repetition, and precise gesturing in weaving the performer can be seen as becoming machine but at the same time has a natural analog movement that translates into dance. In this piece the artist brings her own figure into the work. The performer is seen weaving on an “invisible” loom using clear nylon strings. In this piece the artist is interested in what weaving does to the body. Creating a sense of unconscious routine (back and forth between parts and the whole), muscle memory (through excessive repetition), rhythm (in beating the weft) and repeated changes between stillness and movement; her actions exist between the object (weave) and the subject.

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