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Untitled (Two-sided Mirror), 2019

Collaborative Group, inVerse-Body 


Duration: long duration

Two performers stand bare foot on each end of a metal plank. Connected from toe to toe a combined hair strand tied to their big toes. The performers’ weight bends the metal to a curved shape while balancing and slowly compressing a pile of free standing natural rock chalk. Eyes locked in silence and the two bodies cooperate against the force of the metal and uncertain movements of the compressed chalk. Through non-verbal communication, the two performers are brought to their core sensations of connections. The body's natural reaction of shaking and vibrations is passed to each other through the metal from their feet. Tenderness, tension and strength move across the two bodies, the objects and the audiences. When gazing into the inverse spaces of the bodies (the performers’, the audiences’ and the objects’), an inescapable sense of gentle aggression appears. The performers push the limits of their bodies and the dynamic of intimate power. The balance break, the performance ends.

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