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Untitled (bed linens 2), 2018

Materials: Used bedsheets, thread, clear plastic tube, water 

Dimensions: 60 x 130 cm each 

This woven piece is made using old bed sheets taken apart and re-woven back together. The woven bed linens are connected with clear tube flowing water throughout, leaving a puddle of water on the floor. This piece explores the complexity of the relationship and intimacy between the owners of the used bed linens. Entangled exchanges between the two weavings becomes a metaphor for their relationships. The two pieces become an extension of one another. Tracing the flowing water throughout, there is a sense of give and take, back and forth between the two pieces. Like ‘Untitled (bed linens 1)', 2017 this piece also highlights the bodily evidence left on the bed sheets. Bodily fluids, blood stains, and DNA are intertwined within the weaving. Embroidered patterns added onto the weaving where taken from he owners undergarments. 

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