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”Written Warp”- 譜寫的經紗, 2021 

In collaboration with Arts for Good Foundation, Hong Kong 


Performative weaving workshops at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Illuminati Gallery and CHAT, The Mills 

Backstrap weaving is an ancient weaving practice where one end of the warp (the loom) is attached to the weaver and the other end to a stationary object, such as a tree or a pillar.

In this performative work, this ancient tradition will be reinvented with new perspectives as weavers are stationed at both ends of each loom. Through the collaborative weaving, audience will observe the nonverbal communication between the weavers in the push and pull of the warp and weft, and by extension, the tension, distance and connection with ourselves and others. Led by youngsters from diverse backgrounds, this performative event calls for solidarity despite our differences and highlights the intertwining connections in our community.


































“Arts for Good Foundation 與藝術家 Katrina Leigh Mendoza Raimann 一直通過用身體各部位的律動和穿梭讓參與者可以更自如地探索的紡織品世界。背帶編織是一種古老的方法,其中經紗(織機)一端連接到織布者,另一端連接到靜止物體,例如樹或柱子。在這個表演作品中,經線的兩端都連接到兩位編織者上。通過新的視角來體會傳統,我們可以藉經紗之間的張力(推和拉,給予和接受)感受到人與人彼此的聯繫、距離和壓力,如此以來就可以突破語言、種族的限制,以最純粹的肢體語言共同合作,就能夠製作出獨一無二的紡織作品。從本質上講,這個表演希望體現出社區內的多樣性和共存體,並突出我們社區中相互交織的聯繫。 “

Back strap weaving at CHAT, The Mills 

Arts For Good Foundation

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