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Untitled (Knots on a Loom), 2019

Collaborative Group, inVerse-Body 


Duration: long duration

At a distance, two performers face each other plucking a strand of head hair from their own. Moving toward each other, knots the strands together. They knot more plucked hair to create one long strand, reaching the distance they first stood. Then the performers tie their own hair end of the combined hair to the other's body (on the waist,arm,thigh,ear,toe,etc). Walking slowly away from each other position their bodies to find the tension of the combined hair. This process is repeated pluck,knot,switch,pluck,knot,tie to the body,find the tension, gradually synchronizes the two bodies creating a twisted mirrored version of one another. With the growing combined hair, two bodies become the loom with the semi-invisible hair strings weaving. The ‘non-ending’ repetitive movement ‘slows down’ time and creates an uncanny poetic scene of two women deforming and stretching their ‘flesh’ to connect one another. When ones hair is completely engraved into the other’s body the performance ends.

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